Arts Forum-Highlights of last few Years


Major Activities:

  • Every year Guru Pournima is celebrated as per Indian Tradition.
  • Teachers Day is also celebrated every year, students work as a teacher on this day and Prizes are awarded to best student teachers of every class.
  • Every year there is a Prabhat Pheri to Commemorate the birth anniversary of late Principal K M Kundnani.
  • Essay competitions are a regular feature.
  • Workshop on Elocution and Debating skills for the students, was conducted by Mr. Joy Fernandes in 2005-06.
  • Arranged ‘Best of the Best’ for the Inaugral function of National Youth Leadership Training Programme.
  • Organizes a Bhajan Prabhat on 2nd of January every year to mark the Foundation Day of the College.
  • Presented a Cultural Programme at Sub – Divisional Magistrate’s office on the eve of Republic Day.
  • The Arts Forum also helped in the survey undertaken by the students of Union College at Dharavi, which was a part of their study in the 13th International Economics Convention hasted by our college. The forum actively assisted in the preparations for the 13th Economics Convention.
  • The forum arranges Screenings of critically acclaimed movies like “Jungle All The Way”, “Shwaas”, “Lakshaya”, “Parevary”, (a Sindhi Movie), “Devarai”, a film on Schizophrenia and so on.
  • The forum organized a Quiz Competition in the college and also conducted a programme “Preet Gaan” to raise funds for Tsunami victims.
  • An Inter Collegiate Elocution Competition was organized by History Department.
  • A workshop was conducted by Malini Shah on Pre Marital Counseling.
  • A Multilingual Poetry Recitation Competition was organized by English Department.
  • Workshop was conducted on Art Of Sindhi Theatre by actor Madan Jumani.
  • Inter Collegiate Workshop on “KAIZEN” was organized for T.Y.B.A students in 2008-09.
  • Inter Collegiate Workshop on Elocution Skills in Marathi was organised in 2008-09.
    Career Guidance Lectures were organized.
  • Students of Arts Forum participate in the Diwali Celebrations at Shantivan Ashram, Panvel every year.
  • Workshop on Assertiveness for T.Y.B.Com and B.A students.
  • Organized Intercollegiate Workshop for students of T.Y.B.A for preparation of Examination, January 2005.
  • Organized Kavi Sammelan by aspiring Poets in September – 2005.
  • Organized Meet The Author Series: Poet Chandrashekhar Sanekar in September – 2006.
  • Organized Inter Collegiate Workshop for students of Film Appreciation by Mr. Ashok Rane in September 2007.
  • Organised Meet The Author Series: Padmashree Narayan Surve in September 2007.
  • Organized Inter Collegiate Workshop on ‘Study Habits and Carrers in Psychology’ in 2004,05,06,07,08.
  • Organized Workshop on ‘How To Be Happy And Successful’ for students in 2006.
  • Organized Inter Collegiate Workshop for students of S.Y.B.A 2006-07.
  • Organized Lecture on Group PsychoTherapy by International Thrapy by Dr. Catherine Derring, Clayton State University, 2006