Cultural Committee


To cultivate the talent in performing, literary and fine arts in the students


(1) Being a part of an educational institution, the Cultural Committee is responsible to train / educate students in the basic knowledge of performing, literary and fine arts that will help them in their personality development and character-building.

(2) The Cultural Committee is also responsible to give platform to the students to showcase their talent in performing, literary and fine arts by promoting their participation in inter-collegiate competitions and college programmes

About Cultural Committee

The cultural activities facilitate the holistic development of students. Along with academic they are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities so that, students can rise above theoretical knowledge and be more evolved. Participating in cultural activities helps students, because they learn discipline and time management from such activities and can plan their schedule accordingly, leading a better learning output. The cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students thereby allowing them to perform better. These activities develop the personality of the students and assist them in shaping a good career. In fact, students can also leverage the advantage of participating in various activities. The cultural program provides students with opportunities for character development, decision-making, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership. These experiences enrich the lives of students and develop valuable global skills which empower them as they move into life beyond the college.

Broad thrust areas of functioning

The cultural committee of the college provides opportunities for students to participate in various cultural programs and activities designed to complement the curriculum. The cultural committee plans various programs and cultural activities regularly to promote extracurricular activities. It devolops interest among students and also make them aware of the significance of our cultural heritage, which helps in building self-confidence and creativity in students. Students of junior, degree, and postgraduate are encouraged to extend and explore their interests, skills, and knowledge through participation in a broad range of cultural activities.

The area of functionating includes

Performing arts such as theatre, dance, and music activities.

Fine arts such as drawing clay modeling, collage, and other.

Literary arts such as elocution, debate, storytelling.

The college provides support for all kinds of cultural activities held in and outside the college. The college has provision for space for theatre, dance and music-related activities, musical instruments, and other cultural-related properties. The institution issues a separate budget every year to promote cultural activities. Professional instructors / directors are appointed as per the requirement of activities to guide the students.

  • To provide platform to come forward and show talent which can be tuned further.
  • To provide professional training and guidance to compete in various university/state/ national level completion.
  • To sensitize and express students towards social values.


The Cultural committee works in accordance with the mission of our college. we are highly intended to build a diverse community based on the foundation of curiosity, courage, sensitiveness, and intelligence. No learning is better than the learning through experience. The cultural Committee of Smt. C.H.M. College has not only understood this fact, but also has incorporated it in its work culture. Although being minority institution, the college encourages and involve participation of students from all communities.

Cultural committee is always ahead in participating in activities which are close to society which is seen from participation in street plays and programs organised by local authorities. The committee every year participate in various college programs such as Bhajan Prabhat which inculcate our traditional values amongst student. Students through cultural committee have presented various art form which is from various parts of nation showing unity in diversity. The committee strongly believe that being a ‘good human’ is a pre-requisite for becoming a good artist. With this intension, students of Cultural Committee participated in programs like the singing national anthem on the Independence Day and the Republic Day at the office of the Ulhasnagar Sub-division. The college through cultural committee has been inculcating social responsibility amongst students, which is reflected in our alumni who are responsible citizens, serving in various field of cultural field.

The inputs of college and committee are well rewarded by students in terms of medals and trophies in diverse range of activities. The CHM College, has been dominating in theatre and musical events of many university and state levels programs such as Youth Festival, organised by Univiersity of Mumbai, Loksattta Ekankika (One act play), Police Mahakarandak by Thane police and many other intercollegiate competitions. The alumni of CHM are contributing in various areas of cultural such as film industries, professional consultancies, drawing tutor etc.

Cultural Committee 2022-23

Dr. Meena PoonjaOverall incharge
Dr. Prashant B ThoratChairperson
Ms. Sana KaraleCO-chairperson
Ms. Sitara MenonMember
Dr. Kishori TarafeMember
Ms. Rahaina RohraMember
Ms. Prachiti GarudMember
Mr. Akshay JamdadeMember
Ms. Vrushali VinayakMember
Mr. Sachin SangareMember