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Credit based Semester and Grading System:

A new system of evaluation has been introduced (as per the decision of UGC under the Eleventh 5 year plan) in University of Mumbai from the academic year 2011-12.

• Starting year of implementation for First Year students: 2011‐2012.
• Starting year of implementation for Second Year students: 2012‐2013.
• Starting year of implementation for Third Year students : 2013‐2014.

It is applicable to both traditional & self financing undergraduate degree programmes under the faculty of Arts, Science & Commerce i.e. B.A., B. Com., B.Sc., B.M.S., B. Com (Banking & Insurance), B.Com (Accounting & Finance), B. Com. (Financial Market), B. Sc. (Information Technology), and B.M.M. etc.

Scheme of Evaluation:

I. Internal Assessment: It is defined as the assessment of the learners on the basis of continuous evaluation as envisaged in the credit based system by way of participation of learners in various academic and correlated activities in the given semester of the programme.

II. Semester End Assessment: It is defined as the assessment of the learners on the basis of performance in the semester end theory / written examinations.

Minimum 40% marks are required in each component (internal as well as external separately) to pass in a subject.

Each subject has been assigned some credit points (say C).

Depending upon the marks obtained by the student in the subjects, grade is decided from the following table: (as per document published by Univ. of Mumbai in Oct 2011)

0 – 39F1
40 – 44E2
45 – 49D3
50 – 54C4
55 – 59B5
60 – 69A6
70 – 100O7

The corresponding grade is then converted to the respective gradepoint(G) using above table.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is evaluated as GPA=

A student can clear his/her odd semester ATKT in odd semesters and even semester ATKT in even semesters only.

For more details, please visit the website of University of Mumbai : www.mu.ac.in

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