Commerce Association - Activities

Inauguration:The Commerce Association was inaugurated with a welcome and introductory talk by Captain D.U.Shinde, HOD Commerce Department. He addressed the students of T.Y.B.Com Students on 12th July, 2010.
Case Study: Talk by Prof. D.U.Shinde on “Case Study” for Commerce, Paper III T.Y.B.Com Students on 6th September, 2010.
Project Writing Workshop:Marketing Research and Export Marketing Project Writing Workshop for T.Y.B.Com students was conducted by Prof. S.S.Kapse on 25th November, 2010.
Elocution Competition: Elocution Competition was held on 19th January, 2011. The topic for elocution was, Commercialisaion of Education / You are the Master of your own Destiny.
Fun with Maths:'Fun with Maths’ an one hour session was conducted on 20th January, 2011 by Professor K.A.Pakhare, Mathematics department.
Career Counseling:Career Counseling Session is scheduled in the third week of February, 2011 for SY & TYBCom. Students.
Exhibition of Project Work:Exhibition of Project Work of Advertising, Marketing Research & Export Marketing is scheduled for end February