Sindhi Sahitya Sangat


“Sindhi sahitya sangat” established by the Sindhi Department in 1965

Motto:Sternous efforts to spread sindhi language and enhance sindhi literature among the youth of this modern world and to cultivate love and affection for sindhi language and deep devotion for our precious mother tongue.
Chairperson:Prof Sandhya Kundnani
Profile:Sindhi sahitya sangat performs many social cultural moral educational programmes and also arranges for the Saminars, Kavisamelans, sindhi Mushairas etc.moreover it keeps “International collegiate competition “Sindhi songs, dance and drama programmes elocution to spread sindhi language through entertainment sources.

The scholar and Intelligent students are awarded every year to encourage them for sindhi language and to keep our mother tongue extant .As our sindhi community abides in every nook and corner of the world.

The aim of sindhi sahitya sangat is to achieve goal and make sindhi so beautiful that the aroma of sindyat spread far and wide and the word “Sindhi literature” should glitter with the golden letters in the history of education.

Sindhi sahitya sangat is constituted with the purpose of inculcating cultural values in students.

Smt. C. H. M. College is a linguistic Minority (Sindhi) College established in 1965 at Ulhasnagar, which has worked incessantly since its inception to provide quality education to the citizens of the enterprising, partition afflicted Sindhi community of Ulhasnagar. It has contributed to the welfare of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College and created a viable intellectual climate and provided opportunities for higher education in conventional and professional streams. The College caters to all, without considerations of caste, creed and religion. But since more than 60% of the students belong to the Sindhi community, they emerge as the main beneficiaries.

Additional efforts are made by the College to promote Sindhi cultural values among the students and staff members, and to promote educational excellence and instill, promote and encourage research among the members of the Sindhi community. This ensures that they contribute not merely to the growth of Sindhi culture and values, but also take their rightful place of pride in the competitive global environment.

Promotional Activities for Students:

Promotion of Sindhi Language and Literature:Smt CHM College is the only college of the HSNC Board which offers Sindhi as Major Subject at the Bachelor Of Arts Degree. Students who offer Sindhi as a Major subject at B.A. level are provided free education from First year B.A. to Third Year B.A. Further, the College also encourages and sponsors these students to join M.A. in Sindhi.

These efforts have borne fruit, and in the last five years the enrolment for T.Y.B.A. (Sindhi) has increased considerably. About 25% students joining M.A. course in Sindhi at the University of Mumbai are those who have passed T.Y.B.A. Sindhi from Smt. C. H. M. College. One of the students of the College topped the University Merit list in Sindhi Literature in 2007-2008 and our students figure consistently in the Merit list. Many of the students figuring in the merit list of the University examinations in the TYBA, TYBMM and TYB Com classes are from the Sindhi community.
Enrolment of Sindhi Students:Efforts are made to increase the enrollment of the students from the Sindhi Community. Since 2000, the enrollment of the Sindhi Community has risen substantially from 3317 in 2000 to 4167 in 2009. Since many Sindhi student who join the College come from vernacular schooling, consistent efforts are made to enhance their academic and English language skills.

The efforts for academic excellence and special attention towards Sindhi students have paid rich dividends to the enrollment of Sindhi students not only in numbers but also in terms of quality. Even with substantial increase in enrollment of students from the Sindhi community, the cut off percentage at the time of admission in Junior College has also improved. In 2001-02 students of Sindhi Community with 58% was getting admission to XI Science and with 51% getting admission to XI Commerce in Smt. CHM College whereas in 2009-10 it increased to 71% and 72.5% in XI Science and XI Commerce respectively.
Remedial Coaching Degree College:The College applied for and received grants from the UGC for Remedial Coaching for the students of the Minority Community under X Plan and Remedial coaching sessions were conducted for the students of Sindhi community in the subjects of Chemistry, Economics and English. The process is continued in XI plan also. More than 200 Sindhi students have benefited from this scheme.

Promotional Activities for Teachers:

Research:Acquiring Research experience and qualifications is essential for the growth of Teaching Staff. Continuous efforts are made by the College to encourage teachers towards achieving excellence in research. As a result of these consistent efforts, in the past 07 years, 32 teachers have acquired the Ph.D. degree, out of which 06 have been from the Sindhi community. A total of 15 UGC / University of Mumbai sponsored Minor Research projects have been sanctioned and to the Teaching Staff from Sindhi community and they have 32 publications to their credit.
Cultural Values:To propagate and inculcate Sindhi Cultural values among the students belonging to Sindhi Community, programmes are organized within college and outside by teachers for students and Teachers for the community.

During all major College programs Sindhi cultural programmmes are organized to have better reach to the Sindhi and other community students. The Sindhi Sahit Sangat regularly organizes Sindhi cultural propagation programs like baharana, chej, Lado, Bhagat, Bhajans, processions etc. on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, Chahha Sindhu Vaswani birth anniversary etc.

Prominent Sindhi cultural programs are also organized during Diwarli Utsav at Shantivan, Bhajan Prabhat at Convocation Hall, University of Mumbai / Rajabai Tower, University of Mumbai / Goal Maidan, Ulhasngar on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti / Shahid Divas.
Social Values:Seminars on Sindhi Culture, Literature and propagation of language are organized on a regular basis independently, and in association with local organizations like Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Aur Sahit Sabha, Sindhi Youth Circle etc. Prominent Sindhi Community academicians graced the occasion with their presence.

Sindhi Films like “Parewari” “Jhulelal’ and awakening have also been screened which enlisted a good response from the students and teachers of Sindhi community. Workshops on Sindhi Folk Theatre and Sindhi Folk Arts are being organized for the students.

The initiatives of the College in the academic, social and cultural promotion of Sindhi language, literature and culture has created an atmosphere in which the Sindhi community can take justifiable pride and helped it to carve a niche for itself on the local, national and global levels.

► Chandi Life Time Achievement Award, 2012