Women’s Development Cell


The Women’s Development Cell (WDC) is a statutory body for the prevention/action against sexual harassment of women. It looks into the grievances/complaints of teaching, non teaching staff and students, especially in cases of gender discrimination. Our College has constituted the Women’s Development Cell as per the directives of the University of Mumbai.

.Fact Finding Committees (FFC) are constituted whenever a complaint is received with the Chairperson of the WDC functioning as the Convener The FFCs present their findings to the Principal of the College for suitable action. The WDC also tries to find amicable solutions to inter staff conflicts.

Objectives :■ To ensure protection of girls/women from sexual harassment studying/working in the premises.
■ To redress the cases of sexual harassment.
■ To enforce disciplinary framework for students.
■ To organize workshops, seminars and talks to convey the message of Gender Equality (Gender Sensitization Workshops).
■ To organize the gender awareness through posters/slogans/essay competition/screening of films/street plays.
■ To organize the programs with other associations of the college such as Students Council, Cultural Association, NSS, etc.
Activities:■ Along with the UGC-sponsored Women’s Studies Centre, NSS and the Department of Psychology, the WDC ensures that an atmosphere of security is created in the College by offering personal counseling services. Teachers and students are deputed to attend workshops and seminars on gender-based issues. All the programmes of the WSC are active agents in the generation and propagation of gender equality and capacity building concepts. The healthy gender ratio in both staff and students is indicative of the gender sensitive policies of the College and Management. Women’s Studies Centre is also active in guiding and counseling of women students.
■ The WDC also looks into the complaints (if any) of girls, and along with the WSC organizes health camps, gender sensitisation programmes, Capacity building workshops for college students and for the community and students of the Adult Education Group of the WSC.
■ The WDC was an active associate of the International Conference on “Empowerment of Women through Adult Education” organised by the College in September 2007, has organised Health Camps in 2008 and 2009 for the teaching and non teaching staff of the College, with follow up with doctors, organised talks on health and adolescent issues in association with the WSC and NSS wings of the College and the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation.
Constitution of WDC for 2013-14 to 2014-15:NameDesignation
Prof. Ashwini GokhaleVice-Principal Overall Incharge
Dr. Bela NabarChairperson
Prof. Renu SachdevMember
Prof. Vibha KumarMember
Dr. Neena AnandMember
Prof. Nagesh SutarMember
Prof. Rasika PawarMember
Prof. Kajal BhojwaniMember
Mrs. Kiran PunjabiMember
Mr. Dharmendra PrithianiMember
Contact :For help or to send a complaint
Email id chm.wdc@gmail.com

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